Shared Records

Simple, secure data sharing — for team based public services.

Please note: As of the fall 2013, we have shifted our efforts to developing a full toolkit for supporting social workers. (See the GRADES toolkit.) We are currently not providing active development or operation of the original SharedRecords service. This page provides links to archived information about the original project.

The Shared Records project provides a free web service for community organizations to securely store and share records. SharedRecords also provides software tools for storing, retrieving, and annotating those records. This site and associated software is expressly designed for organizations that want the advantages of electronic storage and communication while maintaining their existing work practices and protecting the privacy of their clients. is supported by the non-profit UnaMesa Association. For more details, please see the wiki . Archives of the source code and documentation are available (as compressed tar files) - Source code archive, trac wiki archive .

SharedRecords Policies

The SharedRecords Service is provided on an AS-IS basis with no warranties or claims of accessibility or appropriateness for a specific application. The Service does track IP addresses and times of accesses to the Service for auditing purposes. It does not request or track personal identifying information.

The Service provides an interface for uploading data files (records) and associated metadata information. We recommend and encourage that only encrypted files be uploaded. The Service does not ask for or maintain decryption keys for these files. The uploaded files may be downloaded by anyone providing the correct identifier for a record. (The record identifier is a 140 bit secure hash of the encrypted data, in general it cannot be "guessed".)